Friday, December 2, 2011

Barbara's Eulogy

Many of you know Linda as a friend, a colleague, as an adult. You know what a special warm caring person she was. I would like to share with you something of her childhood.

She was the most persevering, determined youngster you could meet. Life often presented challenges, because as you know she was not the most coordinated. However, she overcame most obstacles.

Nobody worked harder to learn to ride a bike than Linda. She almost destroyed her father both physically and emotionally, but she finally rode a two wheeler.

She would spend hours holding on to the fence with one hand and bouncing the ball with the other in order to turn her leg over the ball. Those of you who grew up in NYC would know that is how one played A my name is....

In closing, I want to share what she meant to me as an adult friend. It was not unusual for her to phone me 3 or 4 times a day. The last call always ended with "I'll talk to you later." and she often did. The phone line was our umbilical cord that was never cut.

She had a wonderful ability to laugh at herself and was a pleasure to be with. I will miss her dearly.

I hope, and never expect to, offer another eulogy to a child. So I close by saying, Carla and Paula, that you are very precious to me. May you enjoy long and healthy lives. I love you.

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