Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Directions from Allentown to Linda at U Penn

For anyone interested in visiting Linda at the U Penn Hospital... 

>  The thruway extension becomes simply I 476 at the I 276 connection.  Toll Plaza there, stay far left if you have Easy Pass. 
> Continue on I 476 going south until you get to I-76 exit.  Stay in the left lane of the exit to get on I 76 going East  (about 42 miles total from Allentown)
> I 76 east takes you straight into Philly.  The left lane exits to I 676  (12 or 13 miles from start of I 76)
> Stay on I 76, and about one mile past the I 676 exit be in the left lane and take the exit for South St.  At the top of the exit turn right onto South St.
> At the next light turn left onto Convention Blvd.  About 50 yards on is another traffic light.  Immediately after the traffic light turn right into the Penn Towers Parking Ramp.
> (they may have that entrance closed.  if so, continue forward and around the corner to enter the parking ramp. there will be signs).
> Take the elevators to the Bridge Level.  that will lead you straight on over a pedestrian bridge into the hospital.
> There is a security point and info desk not far past the pedestrian bridge, but you can simply continue to walk along the corridor to the end, which will have the Rhoads Pavilion elevators.
> Go to the 6th floor.  Linda is second room on the left (room 6002).

They don't allow fresh fruit or flowers, and if you have a cold they have masks.  Otherwise no restrictions.
Linda is very happy to have visitors, so don't be shy.

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