Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Oct. 28 update

Written by Paula and Barbara (mom), typed by Paula. This will take me forever on my mom's iPad, but here goes......

We (Paula and Barbara) arrived about 11 am. Her appearance was much improved, and she was chatty and more coherent than the last time we had seen her- 2 weeks ago for Paula, and 3 days ago for Barbara.

She demanded food and something to drink throughout the morning, saying she was starving and wanted Hagen Daz. The nurse said she would have to wait until she talked to the doctor. Fortunately, they were making their rounds and came in. The attending doctor said she was responding nicely to the treatment, and therefore they don't feel the need to change her drug therapy to a stronger steroid (they had planned to do so if she didn't improve by today. The doctor didn't agree to the ice cream request, so she settled for the clear, liquid diet plan. She had a few spoonfuls of jello, broth, cranberry juice and lemon ice. I think the anticipation was more exciting than the actual consumption. oh was still the highlight of the day!

The doctor said she really needs to sit up - a chair would be best. But,she wasn't allowed do it without a physical therapist being there. Apparently her heart rate, etc needs to be monitored while she is up since she hasn't,t been out of bed for almost three weeks. We left around 3pm. Physical Therapy hadn't come yet. But Linda was napping when we left. All in all, it was a better visit than either of us was expecting.

When we called the nurses station tonight, they told me that PT didn't come today, but will be there tomorrow. We hope so.

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