Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Oct 24 update

Marcia saw Linda this morning... her report:

I visited Linda this morning and have to say that she looked SO much better than last week.
She was much more oriented (although not completely consistently) and was interested in talking and interacting.
She did not seem depressed,only wondering how much longer it will be (no one can say,of course).
She told the nurse to tell me everything so I was able to see her labs. Most of her chemistries are in the normal range although her liver function tests have not changed much in the past few days and remain mildly elevated (this is not unexpected).
Her current team came around when I was there and I was able to speak with them.
At this point it is mainly a matter of waiting for the gut to improve.Dr. Loren said that if it does not by the end of the week they may add some meds.

Lee was there this afternoon:

I arrived about noon. Linda was sleeping peacefully, so I waited. She woke about 1:30, and was quite normal; talkative, animated. She insisted on hearing about all that had been happening in the last 2 weeks (which she thought of as 2 years). Reminded me of names that slipped my mind (very normal Linda).
By 2:30 she was tired again and in pain. They were trying to limit the pain med, but she was not happy, so they have hooked up the self-med pain button, and upped the amount she was getting.
By 3:15 she was dozing in and out of sleep. Still complaining of pain in her gut, but that slowly trailed off and she was sleeping soundly by 5:30.
I left her sleeping at 7pm.

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