Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Oct. 23 visit by Linda and Tim Steber

Hi Lee-

I know you talked to Tim already but we are back.  I wanted to stay until she got another dose of he pain meds in her. Overall, she was pretty alert- and I thought seemed to be pretty clear- talked about my job, asked me about Kelly's boyfriend, wedding dates etc- all stuff I wouldn't have expected her to think about- and she actually did talk a fair amount- I was surprised. I told her not to feel she had to talk and sometimes she did and sometime she closed her eyes but wasn't asleep- she is obviously weak. But she did say she was happy to see me there every time she opened her eyes- so I hope it helped her in some way. She asked me to get the nurse for her meds twice, cover her up, etc - but the nurse told me she was more alert this weekend. I had nothing to compare to so I am not a good judge. She got pain meds about 3:30 and a few minutes before 4 she was sound asleep - i whispered I was leaving and she didn't even stir. Considering she was alert most of afternoon (we got there about 12:30) she may have been tired. I felt OK leaving her at that point. A doctor was also in while I was there- she said they were happy that Linda was less confused and they were trying to balance pain med dosage and wanting to maybe keep her more alert- she was asking Linda how the meds were working. I could tell toward the end of the two hour period between both times- Linda did start to say she was in pain- and they gave her meds at that point. I made sure the call button was right at her hand before I left so she could get them. And it is nice she is right by the desk- they heard her call them! She did complain about her mouth being dry -it must be yucky she cant drink anything. I got the nurse who had her rinse her mouth with stuff, then with some ice water, then put some stuff on her lips because they were pretty dry. She also got an injection for diarrhea and another for insulin when I was there. Poor thing- she is a trooper through all this. I had absolutely no idea it was as bad as it must have been- since I suspect she was even much worse. I hope I got all this straight for you. Thanks for the updates too.



  1. Thanks Linda & Tim. Sounds like good news.

  2. I am so relieved to hear that Linda seems to be improving! When I arrived at UoP at 8:30am on Wed Oct 19th, Linda did not recognize me and was in great pain. Eventually, she understood who I was and even complimented my hair, which made me laugh. It was a very rough day for her. When sister Carla and Mama Barbara showed up about 2:30pm, I drove home for a margarita and toasted to Linda's recovery. Linda has such a sweet heart. Even in her horrible situation she asked about my kids, and was concerned that I might drive in the rain (there was no rain). Hang in there Lee, Robbie, Emily and family! Many people are pulling for all of you! ~ Heather