Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update Notes from last week Oct. 18

Notes compiled from the various Doctors who wandered through today (Oct. 18, 2011).

- Linda's GVHD is very severe. Paula says Loren said it is a 'C,' or next to worst.

- Her skin and mouth look good, but her GI tract and liver are still on hold.

- They are still in the process of balancing her meds for best effect on GI and liver. Probably be a week before we see any improvement there.

- T cells will be tested soon. Loren says would not be surprised if they are at 100%

- The time until Linda can go back to work is estimated at 4 to 14 weeks. Loren would be surprised if she is there by Thanksgiving, and she might need PT after that period.

- Her liver should be OK eventually, but they will test for ongoing problems.

- Linda is confused some of the time, which is due to the painkiller, the liver treatment, and the steroid treatment. They will be lowering the dosage as soon as they can.

- Depression is normal in these cases, since it seems like pain and discomfort with no end. People holding her attention seems to help.

- Loren is worried about infection. Any visitor should not be actively sick, and should wash hands and use the sanitizer on the wall by the door.

Paula and Marcia revise and annotate as needed.


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