Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Oct. 26 update

I visited Linda from 9am to 2pm today.  Initially,
she was disoriented and down, but by about 10am 
she became perky and tuned in.  She asked many questions
and wanted me to keep talking (I wish I had a more interesting
life to discuss!). She even laughed a bit and
teased the nurses.  She brushed her own teeth, which made her
feel fresher.  The self-administered IV pain meds are now allowed 
every 10 minutes instead of every 30 minutes and the doctor is 
considering a new medicine (along with her 9 IV bags), which will target the intestinal inflammation. We propped up her swollen left arm on pillows, which helped her edema and arm pain.  We did foot massages
and ankle rotation exercises to bring down her puffy feet and 
get her circulation going. At 1:30, she thanked me and expressed how
deeply she appreciates EVERYONE'S support, and told me in no uncertain
terms to go home.  She wanted to sleep.
Although she still has a long road ahead, she was worlds better
today than she was last Wednesday. Onward and upward!
- Heather Dubov

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  1. We are going to visit Linda on Sunday, October 30 instead of Saturday.

    Lee, I got the direction from the blog, no need to send email.
    Inna and Eugene Vishnevetsky