Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Nov. 11 (11/11/11 for all you number fans)

Arrived just after noon to find Linda sleeping peacefully, so I sat down and read my book. She woke not long after when the nurse came in. The nurse told me that Linda is very curious about everybody, and that she knew that her boyfriend knew Robert at Harvard. Linda just smiled, but did not join in the conversation. After more sleep Carla called, but Linda did not want to talk. Carla thought that she was tired from yesterday's exertions, which sounds likely.

About 5pm Linda wakes completely and we talk about Emily (she doesn't remember her visit), Robert and what is happening at home. Emily calls on the cell, and Linda has a short talk with her. I get Linda to wiggle toes and fingers, and move her neck and shoulders. She is talking quietly without pain; with a clear head, but with obvious sense of being tired. She is also starting to get pushy and impatient (a good sign).

About 6 she is getting hungry, but dinner is late today, so I get some chocolate pudding and feed her a couple of teaspoons of it. She hates pudding, but she eats it. She is allowed to eat now, but only a "pudding" diet; everything has to be soft and mushy, and I believe they are still avoiding milk products (ask nurse). Her stomach lining is very sensitive right now, and they are trying to get the GI tract started without irritating it.

Supper finally arrives at 7:30 and she eats a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes, lemon merange pie, with a syrupy cranberry juice. She had some stomach pain after eating, but not too bad. The nurses cleaned her up and refreshed the bed, and she fell asleep again about 8:30, at which time I left.


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