Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Nov. 14

I enjoyed a big greeting from Linda when I arrived at 9am.  It was wonderful to see her so spunky.  We talked a lot, and she recalled stories in impressive detail.  She didn't take any naps.
The doctor said there were 3 things to concentrate on today:
1)   --A PT would visit later. 
2)   --Another Retuxin infusion would be initiated.
3)   --A liver specialist would evaluate her to determine whether another biopsy is necessary.  Her liver enzymes are dropping,… but slowly. 
He also ordered a Doppler test for her swollen arm. 
Except for a little belly pain, a sore buttock from sitting so long, and a beat-up arm, she was much better.  Her color has improved a bit since last week.
Meredith, her speech pathologist, evaluated her swallowing and recommended she stay only on thickened juices and pureed foods.  Linda did not agree!  She drank 8 spoons of a milk shake.  Linda has difficulty with straws but is good if spoon-fed. Later, Linda requested ice cream, and ate half the container.  What a nice improvement!
Dilemma: She needs to sit near 90 degrees so she doesn't aspirate food, but the more she sits up, the more pressure there is on her sore backside.
Her kind, attentive nurse, Dennis, mechanically re-positioned her several times to relieve the pressure on her bottom.
We did ankle rotation exercises and lotion massage of her feet and legs to get the
circulation moving and bring down the swelling.
Dr. Neal Dicker stopped in for a surprise visit.  She was happy to see him.
Note: The clock in Linda's room was never changed for Daylight Savings Time.  Believing it was 3pm, I ran out to make a class in Allentown, but it was really only 2pm.  Oops!


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