Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update Sunday Nov. 13

Donna Anthony visited Linda today. The following are notes from a conversation with Lee. Any mistakes or misunderstanding are my (Lee's) fault.

- Linda looked better than the last time Donna saw her, which was during the snow storm 2 weeks ago.
- She had a spot on her neck that looked like she had scratched herself (it may be the leftover from her neck IV). She was also not happy with the pressure sleeves on her legs, but they will have to stay until the legs are less swollen.
- Linda was talkative, but tired easily. She wanted to hear news of friends and neighbors, but obviously had no news from her side. She was clear headed and understandable during the entire visit.
- She drank some thick sugar water spoon fed by the nurse and Donna. She liked it, and asked if Donna wanted some (Donna declined the offer).
- The trip down had a lot of traffic, so Donna had only limited time with Linda. Even so, Linda said that she wanted to sleep, and sent Donna home after only an hour. She said goodbye, and seemed to fall asleep almost immediately.
- Let's hope that her strength increases, and that she can begin some Physical Therapy.

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