Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Nov. 16

We arrived around 9 AM. She was happy that we arrived early but was somewhat depressed. It is hard to watch but we kept on remembering our conversation we had with Marcia last night. She reminded us that it is hard to not feel well for so long, but the goal is for her to get better and she tends not to remember what she has been through.

There was blood in her stool again. She was very tired because she said they didn't let her sleep last night. I must admit, the nursing staff is amazing. Today there were as many as 3 nurses in with her. She is high maintenance and they are on the ball.

They have been giving her blood and platelets during the day. They are going to introduce Tacalimis today twice a day. I guess things are not moving along as quickly as they would like. Dr. Kramer came to chat with Linda. Of course Linda asked his background. He is an MD and has a PHD. Not shabby!. I believe he is one of the leads and spoke to Linda about some options. She didn't care, just wanted to sleep and for us to listen. The doctor was persistent and she asked "If I was your mother, what would you suggest?". The three options:

1. Give more aggressive blood, platelets, and another endoscopy. Both he and the gastro dr's thought it was not necessary and nothing new would be discovered.
2. Just more blood and platelets and see if things improve, again.
3. Swallow a capsule which will take pictures and pass through her track within 3 days. If they seem something, they won't be able to do anything.

We all agree with option 2, including Lee. He was going to check with Dr. Loren to see if she agrees. Again, she asked at least three times if she was dying. The doctor answered NO to each one. I like that answer.

The resident tried to put an IV in her neck but could not find the vein. He could not find one in either arm either with an ultrasound. They called in the picc line team and they put a second picc line in her left arm. She was a real trooper and again the team was great. The team commented how much better she looked than last week. She also said it was more important how she looked, not felt. Interesting....

She was on pain meds most of the day because of her stomach. They also took her off food to rest her gut. Before that, she wasn't eating much but I was pushing her! I also had her wiggle her toes, move her swollen feet around in a circular direction and actually raise her foot off the bed ever so slightly. The night CNA said he will work on her pushing her own pain med button. It is now important for her to start moving.

We left her dosing and in good hands.

- Carla & Barbara

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