Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 10th

What a difference a day makes! My mom and I walked in to see her talking with my cousin Janet for the last 45 minutes. Janet said she was clear, concise and gave her an earful, telling what was on her mind. Even though she got a little tired, she still participated in all our conversations all day long, giving her editorials along the way. It was so nice to have her back after having such difficult days.

Her numbers are basically staying the same even though we would like to start seeing improvement. They did say her infection was under control which is why she was much more alert. She was quite fearful of the endoscopy, telling the nurse to "just do it already". Mom and I stayed until she was back to the room. When she saw us, she had a big smile on her face. I am sure it was relief.

Her skin and eyes are still yellow, her bilirubin in not creeping down, yet. However, the doctor said it was not an unsafe level. It can take up to 2 weeks to go down post infection.

Let's hope the good days continue!!


  1. Go Linda! Good to hear a bit of a positive report. Long way to go but she is one tough cookie. I have confidence she can do it!

  2. Great report! Thinking of you from out here in Minnesota!