Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday Nov. 21

Notes from Lee:
Marcia visited this morning and gave me a call at noon. She had talked with Dr. Luger, the attending Physician who said that there was no improvement today. The CMV virus was still threatening, and since the steroid treatment for the GVHD was depressing her immune system she was having trouble fighting off the virus. Marcia asked me to contact Dr. Loren for her opinion.
I arrived at U Penn around 2pm. Linda was sleeping fitfully, as thought she was dreaming. I massaged her feet and stroked her hair, but she didn't wake up. She was humming (or moaning) while she slept (it was hard to know what this came from since it did seem like peaceful humming at some points, but worked up to moaning when she was obviously in pain). At 5 supper came, but she continues to sleep. Shortly before I left she woke looked at me with recognition, and then went straight back to sleeping-humming-moaning.
I left at 7 to pick up Emily at Harrisburg; we didn't get home until midnight.

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