Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday Nov. 9

Emily and I visited Linda today. We arrived at 9am. It was a particularly hard day for Emily, but Linda was quietly glad to see see her...Linda smiled when Emily walked in.

The bad news is that Linda is in worse condition than last time I visited. The good news is that the nurse said she seems better and more calm than yesterday. A step in the right direction.

To please me, Linda took a 1/4 teaspoon of the delicious fruit smoothie I brought, but her facial expression indicated I was feeding her week-old liver. Oh well, I tried.

Linda was yellow-toned and not inclined to speak. The few times she was responsive:

1) When I told her my daughter was accepted to nursing school, with her eyes closed Linda repeated about 20 times, "So wonderful".

2) When her great nurse Meghan told Linda that Carla called the desk, Linda said "Tell her I love her".

3) She said a touching goodbye to Emily.

4) She had just a couple of slurred words for me when I left for the day.

A doctor came by with concerns and said that they will probably be re-inserting the pik line by tomorrow. Although they delivered lunch, she ate nothing.

Emily and I had lunch while Linda went for a head CAT scan. Emily spoke with her Mom a bit, then left for the bus at 2pm.

Linda slept almost all day, while I read the excellent new Steve Jobs book. When I told Linda that Lee and Robbie would enjoy this computer-themed book, she nodded and smiled.

After saying good-bye, I left the hospital at 3:30pm. Linda was asleep again before I hit the hallway. I hope Linda has a better day with Carla tomorrow.


Addendum: Late in the day Linda (with the nurse dialing) called me (she also called her mother and sisters). She spoke clearly and rationally. Ironically, knowing what she has been through the last couple days, she was worried about her mother, and was surprised that I was upset by her situation. She did not stay on long, but it was heartening to hear her again, sounding like the old Linda. -Lee

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