Friday, November 4, 2011

Update Thursday Nov. 3

-I arrived at noon. Linda had jaundice as Carla noted yesterday. She was also semi sleeping, and mumbling incoherently. She is still bloated in her arms and legs. Upside, her skin, lips and mouth are clear, and most of her numbers are normal.
- She is not eating anything at this point, but is drinking ice water occasionally.
- The Retuxin was administered yesterday, but it's effects take time, so the jaundice and liver problems won't go away soon.
- She slept from 2:45 on, although she woke periodically from pain.
- The nurses woke her at 6 to give her meds. She is on 10 separate meds now.
- she fell asleep again and I left at 7. Went to Larry & Marcia's house to sleep (many thanks to them - it would be overwhelming to try driving more than I am already).

- Lee

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