Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday Oct 31 update

-Arrived about noon. Marcia was already with Linda, and was quizzing the nurses on the test numbers she had. She eventually had to leave for a doctors appointment, and left me with a couple questions to ask the doctor if I saw him.
-I talked to one of the assistants to Dr. Stadtmauer who gave the following... 1. Bilirubin has increased: they have scheduled an ultrasound of her liver to check for any blockage - if there is no blockage then it is GVHD, and they will treat it as such. 2. White blood cell count is down: will be testing that also to determine treatment. 3. Donor T cell %: he had not seen any results on that.
-Linda was generally in good mood. Had lunch of water, lemon ice and noodles. She made sure everyone knew that she hates noodles. Nurse promised to get some rice for her.
-Nurses said that she was allowed to eat "anything", but the smart choice would be a "brat" diet and clear liquids. She isn't digesting anything yet, so they are looking for a regeneration of the intestine's "flora". Once her gut starts to process the simple foods, they will go on to other foods.
-Linda began to feel more pain around 2pm. She used the pain button, got "loopy" and fell asleep about 3pm.
-Supper arrived 5pm, but Linda sleeps on. They are serious about eating anything. Supper included boneless pork chop, corn, mashed potatoes, rice, toast, a piece of cake and ice tea. I was very sorry that I had already eaten.
-At 5:30 the snack cart came by and woke Linda. She scored 4 packs of Lorna Doones. She had cookies and ice tea for supper.
-6:30, lights out, but Linda is still talking to everyone. She loves to question and banter with the nurses and aides.
-I leave when Linda falls asleep again at 7pm.


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