Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19 Visit

We arrived around 1:45, having just missed Dr. Loren who left a note saying that Linda looked good. Linda was sleepy but coherent. She refused to take the pills from her nurse, however after a while she accepted a single pill with ice cream. Although for the most part she was quiet, when pushed on having some juice or pills, she was able to yell loudly to leave her alone.

Her hands are still swollen, and she looks somewhat jaundiced. She had some stomach pain, and her pain button was pressed. She kept asking about how many pills she needs to take, then arguing and saying that no, she was not going to take them.

They started IV Tacrilimus today for her GVHD. It's the similar to what she was getting orally, but she was probably not absorbing that much due to her GI issues.

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