Monday, November 28, 2011

Letter to Linda

Dear Linda,

We had 27 years to say what needed saying to each other, so there is not much I need to say here. You know I loved you. Although I never said it enough to satisfy you, I showed it in every other way and I know you heard those declarations. I will say it again just because you loved to hear it: I love you, I love you, I will always love you.

You also asked, I don’t know how many times, “am I your soulmate”? Being pragmatic and literal, I always thought it was silly question. If you can’t define a soul how can you define a soulmate. Also, if being a soulmate means fitting together perfectly with a person – well, perfection is an unattainable ideal. All this kept me from answering “yes” to your question. Now that you are gone however, I think I can give you a better answer. You were close enough to perfect for me. Wait for me, soulmate. As I whispered to you at the service yesterday; I’ll join you again when I’m finished here on earth.

I know you are in a better place now, and as Emily says “you’re going to keep an eye on us”. I hope and expect that you won’t be disappointed. Robert is Robert, only more settled, more responsible; an anchor for Emily and I. You were always proud of him growing up – I think you’ll be proud of him throughout his life. Emily took your passing hard, but she will work through it alright. You were “best friends” these last few years, and that will be a solid foundation for her life. Having them both around has been like having you around – that is a blessing I need.

Your family and friends have been amazing. I couldn’t have survived this without them. Heather called you a “sweetheart”, and the rabbi called you a “good soul”. They are both right – I would call you a “sweet soul”. I see it in your mother and sisters. I have been lucky to know you and the sweet circle of people that gathered around you.

Finally, you should know that your memory surrounds me alike a cloud. Nothing that I see or hear or touch doesn’t bring you back. I’ve done a lot of crying, but it is a good kind of grief. And if there is some way for the feelings of mortals to reach heaven then you are having a good cry too. But it is a good thing that unites us, and though we are parted now we will meet again, and cry again – but then it will be crying for joy.

Wait for me. I won’t be too long. I love you.



  1. Absolutely beautiful Lee. Thank you for sharing that love letter with all of us. It brought on my tears AGAIN, but the puffy eyes are worth it, to read such a heartfelt declaration. ~ Heather

  2. Our love is with you,Linda and the family now and always.We are here for you.