Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19 Visit 2

Linda and Tim Steber visited Saturday evening:

Linda had her eyes shut when we arrived but woke as soon as she heard us. The nurse came in also to check on her. The nurse said she had not wanted to eat anything today and refused her pills. Linda was alert- told us Robbie had been there and was happy to see him and asked if we saw him. I am assuming he had left shortly before we arrived or Linda thought so. Linda seemed more tired than last Saturday in my opinion but asked a lot of questions as usual. She wanted to know about everyone and everything and we had a good conversation I thought- sometimes while her eyes were shut! She is really looking forward to seeing Emily and knew exactly when she is coming home, etc.
I had brought some small jars of baby food. Checked with the nurse and she said that was fine for her to eat and hoped she would. Told Linda what they were and she seemed somewhat interested, So the nurse asked if we could try to get Linda to take her pills with some. Opened apple and blueberry. She actually said it was "delicious" and I had my hopes up we could get some in her. With coaxing she took all three capsules form the nurse and I  and half jar of the food- doesn't sound like much but it was good she got the pills down the nurse said. She asked again later to try more and took two small spoons. I had hoped for more. Almost seemed to me that she wanted to eat more but seemed so tired out.She said again it tasted good. She didn't touch her dinner plate at all.  Maybe tomorrow earlier in the day she will do OK I hope. She promised me she would try again to eat. I asked if I was annoying her and she smiled- and said "no"- but I bet she was thinking otherwise!  I got about 6 or 7 spoons of nectar cranberry juice down too. Lots of effort for her it seemed. I left several other jars of different baby foods there- maybe she will try again.
She complained of being hot- put less blankets on her. Got heat turned down, wiped her forehead with a cool cloth. She seemed to get more comfortable. One thing we noticed is that she seemed to complain far less about pain than last week- only asked once to push pain button. So either she is really in less pain or on other meds that masked it from us, or maybe had more during the afternoon. Hoping it is the "less pain" option?
There was a note on her table addressed to you Lee- Linda read it and seemed interested in it - I held it up for her. Lee-  it said Dr. Loren had been in today and thought Linda looked good- said she would be in tomorrow (Sunday) also. I am assuming Linda was asleep for that visit or didn't remember it. The note is sitting on her bed tray for you.
We left her about 8:15 - she was beginning to doze and said she was comfortable. The night nurses had done their checks too before we left.

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