Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Nov 1 update

-Got to the hospital early today, 8:45, having slept at Marcia and Larry's house. Linda had already been taken out for her ultrasound test.
-Linda was back by 9:30. She was in a "loopy" state, and has considerable pain.
-The physical therapist dropped by; said that she had tried to get Linda up yesterday, but she had refused. She promised to return later when the pain had subsided.
-Linda had several cookies with water, but didn't touch the breakfast (an egg muffin riff).
-They have a student nurse (supervised) checking Linda's vital signs.
-Physical therapist came back and got Linda on her feet. She shuffled forward and backward, "dancing" with the therapist. She had some pain, but her heart rate and breathing were normal.
-Dr. Stadtmauer and his gaggle of residents came in around noon. Said that she was looking good, and most of her numbers are good. He said it might be that the GI tract was being held back by the meds, so they are looking toward reducing the meds slowly. He said that they were going to start Retuxin(sp) which would lower the Bilirubin, and would coincidentally raise the white cell count. It has side effects, so they will be monitoring her closely. The donor T cell % has been tested, but the results take 2 weeks, and are not back yet.
-Lunch was salad with sliced chicken cutlets. Linda ate the croutons and some graham crackers.
-She fell asleep, telling me I could go. I left about 1pm.


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