Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov. 12 Morning

We came to U Penn around noon. It took us 2 hours to get there; an hour to get to the exit and an hour on I-76. When we arrived Linda was peacefully sleeping. She woke up when we stepped into the room. She was happy to see us and wanted to know all our news. We had a lot of news about snow and power outage; surviving the cold, staying in her home, etc. She liked my stories and kept up her end of the conversation. When I mentioned that Lee liked my borsh (Russian food like soup), Linda said she and her mom want to try it too. I promised to make a big pot for the whole family when she gets home.

She was awake all morning, but was pretty tired. Her mom called, but Linda wanted to go to sleep. I talked with Barbara for a few minutes. Linda wanted to talk to Robbie, and I said I would get in touch with him.

I gave her some orange thicken juice and 2 pieces of pasta from her lunch. She slept for a while but woke up when the nurse changed her IV medication. Linda wanted to know what was going on, what medication she is getting, what else she will get today, etc. She likes to be fully informed,

They checked her vitals which were very good, Her blood sugar has increased because of the steroids, and the nurse gave her an insulin shot. When she gets off steroids her blood sugar will be normal again.

Her liver function is not normal yet. It's not dangerously high but will take a little bit more time to get back to normal.

She slept a little more. Then Robbie called and she was very happy to talk to him. After that she called Emily and her mom.

Linda remembers all her friends, and appreciates everybody's help very much.

She wanted to get cold water, but they need to thicken it. I gave her this water and she enjoyed it.
She did not eat much while we were there, I hope she will have a good dinner.
Before we left, Linda asked when Lee was coming, She counted that it will be in a day (Monday) and was happy.

Overall, she is on a recovery track, the nurse said the same thing. It will take some time and probably will not be easy, but it will be done.

--Inna and Eugene Vishnevetsky.

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