Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov. 12 Evening

Linda was awake when we got there. I heard the Vishvinetsky's were there this afternoon earlier. Linda had some trouble remembering that, but her nurse reminded her and then she was talking about the visit. :)  She was alert and awake when we arrived and looked pretty good as compared to last time I thought. About 75% of what she said made sense. But she mentioned several times she gets mixed up and is sometimes not sure if what she is thinking is a dream or real - so I think she knows that she is having trouble. But she asked us to keep her awake- she said she is up most of the night so she wanted to stay awake. The nurse was feeding her ice cream when we got there. She wanted another and I gave her about 3/4 of another container. She said she liked the cold feel of the ice cream. She asked twice for pizza- said the nurse would get her some-to be honest, not sure if she really wanted that or not but judging from her choices on her meal menu it doesn't look promising for pizza this week! :) I would have happily went for some if she could have had it. She was extremely appreciative of the visits from everyone and got a bit teary thanking everyone. About 7:20 she started to get really drowsy, asked us to turn off her lights and we left. She said she was good and was going to go to sleep. Left her asleep. The nurse told us and Linda that next week she would be back on PT therapy and trying to get her moving. Overall, a nice visit I think, and glad we went. Let's hope it is a good week coming.
--Linda Steber

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