Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday Nov. 17

- Arrived to find Linda sleeping. She is looking better than I remember; less yellow and some color to her cheeks. She woke up an hour later when the Doctors arrived, and was entirely aware and coherent.
- Doctors arrived about 11:15 (Doctors; Svoboda, Singh, Kramer and a nutritionist), along with 3 nurses.  It was quite a crowd. Vitals continue to be normal, Bilirubin is down to 8.0, unfortunately white cells are also down (they are adjusting IVs to compensate). Dr. Svoboda is happy with her situation, and discussed her continued care.  Linda was wide awake, and participated in the entire conversation.
- Got some info from Dr. Singh, and the latest lab results for Marcia to review.
- The nurses took advantage of the good day to treat a bed sore and replace all the old bandages. They will bring in a better bed tonight so that Linda will have less pain from the long bed stay.
- Since Marcia has a night out starting at 7, I leave at 4:30 to have time to review the info I gathered.
- Stayed at Marcia and Larry's house Thursday night.


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