Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Nov. 18

- Got an early start, thanks to Larry and Marcia's hospitality.  Arrived at hospital about 9 am. Linda was sleeping in the new bed when I arrived.
- Linda's color is still good, but she appears tired, and the pain is affecting her more than yesterday. When she is awake she is either groggy, or irritable. Not a good day; certainly not like yesterday.
- Two speech & swallowing specialists (Melissa and Amy) check Linda's throat and mouth. They recommend that she continue to avoid liquids (especially juices or tea), and stay with soft gelatinous foods and drinks.
- Caught Dr. Loren in the hall. She agrees with our decision tree of Loren/Marcia discussing medical options, and immediate family having final decisions. She understands that we should keep all options open.
- Doctors Svoboda, etc. arrive. Linda woke and followed the discussion, but did not participate as she did yesterday. Her numbers are fairly steady, her bilirubin is slightly up, and her diarrhea is decreasing. Dr. Svoboda emphasized that she needs to eat more. They will start her on a pill that should increase her appetite, but make her drowsy.
- By 10:30 all Doctors were gone, and Linda was fast asleep. About 2 pm she woke and ate some chocolate ice cream, and then went back to sleep.
- At 5 it was time for her pills, along with some pudding and a bit of water.
- I leave at 7 with Linda sleeping again.


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