Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Nov. 15

Linda's color looked good, and she carried on a clear conversation, but she talked slowly and seemed tired. I believe her occasional depression is more of an unknown feeling, the doctors not knowing if/when she will be better. I don't think she is giving up even though it is getting old. She said she was depressed this morning and would not work with the physical therapist. She wanted company and we were not there yet.

She had a doplar yesterday of her arm, and has been diagnosed with a non occlusive clot It is not in a deep vain and therefore considered superficial. It is not being treated.

Her bilirubin went up to 12.2. They said don't look at the bili since it takes a long time to decline and lags behind the liver improving.

She no longer is growing bacteria in her blood. Infection is under control and she is talking more clearly. They are waiting for the GVHD to improve. Her liver function is stable but not getting better. They are discussing a liver biopsy, and promised she will be heavily medicated if one is needed.

She had another dose of Ritoxin last night. Her white blood count is down. She is very mildly neutropenic. They will be starting Neupogin. They will give her tylenol if she needs it for the pain.

She has lost weight and they may resume the feeding IV. They prefer not to since it may cause an infection and affects the liver.

They may start Tacalimis. It all boils down to treating the GVHD while avoiding an infection. A real balancing act.

Linda was awake and heard the doctor's report. When I read her the email recording the meeting she had no recall of the conversation. As Lee and Marcia said, she forgets, we don't.

- Carla & Barbara

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